Magnetronic Terrain

Magnetronic Terrain from Miniature Forge uses a unique moulding and casting process to imbed powerful neodymium magnets into high quality resin terrain. The parts snap together with a satisfying clunk, allowing you to form cinematic tactical terrain for your miniature games without worrying about glue, lost magnets, or reversed polarities. 
Our first offering is the 'Battlefield' range, suitable for sci-fi and modern-era tabletop miniature games. This range features: reinforced walls, gates, towers, and an expandable bunker system, all of which can be built in a variety of ways each time you use them.
The terrain is fun to put together, beautiful to look at, and wont break your bank balance.
Late pledge now using the link at the top of the page to to get a hold of the first wave of Magnetronic Terrain.
Bunkers LIVE
Checkpoint LIVE
Forward Base Alpha LIVE
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